Reviews from Best-Selling Authors

“I was instantly hooked by Gangi’s vivid writing, her psychological acumen and her sharp observation of love and life. She is a fascinating writer who understands love, sex, men and women. I truly could not stop reading. THE NEXT is a riveting debut by a fiercely talented writer.
— Erica Jong, bestselling author of FEAR OF FLYING


“THE NEXT isn’t just a ghost story—it’s a love story, a family story, and a revenge story as well. Stephanie Gangi’s novel is fast-paced, wickedly observant, and haunting in the best sense of the word."

— Tom Perrotta, bestselling author of THE LEFTOVERS

“A profound and provocative page-turner about love and loss, revenge and redemption, this debut novel will stick with you for a long time. Stephanie Gangi is an instant, new favorite."

— Emily Giffin, bestselling author of SOMETHING BORROWED and FIRST COMES LOVE

“I LOVE The Next. Comic, wrenching revenge fantasy; New York City, all around the town; an insightful poodle; the tender reality of motherhood and daughterhood; the less tender reality of social media, and a ghost with the wit of Topper and the fire of Fay Weldon – this is an elegantly written, thoughtfully sharp and surprisingly touching whirlwind of a book."

— Cathleen Schine, bestselling author of THE LOVE LETTER, RAMEAU'S NIECE, ALICE IN BED

Reviews from Booksellers

“Clear your calendar before opening Stephanie Gangi’s “The Next,” because this whirlwind of a novel will make you forget all about eating and sleeping...A gorgeous book about love in all its forms, familial, canine, romantic, lost and found again.

— Hillary at Gibson's Bookstore (Concord, NH)

“What a smart, thought-provoking, excellent read – I love a book that brings a unique aspect to the storytelling – and what’s better than a revenge ghost story...but it’s so much more!"

— Julie at Warwick's (La Jolla, CA)

“This story can make you laugh and cry and I did both. I loved it especially for the power of her language and the intensity with which Gangi writes."

— Susan at Bookworks (Albuquerque, NM)

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